Development Talk

Hello everyone! i just wanted to thank everyone for all of the overwhelming amount of support and love for this game. The Discord has grown to almost a total of 600 people, and every day we get that much closer to completing Wizardry Online's first private server! "So... how long until its released?" Well to be honest there is no set in stone answer, but we do typically have at least one developer working on it around the clock. Even with the constant work that is being done on the game, it will still take a long time to finish this project, and i don't say this to discourage anyone. We want to get as many people involved and ready for the private server upon its release, but we want this game to be as close to the original game as possible. This will require a lot of fine tuning, and almost perfect understanding of the games core functions. We will try to keep the community updated as much as we can, we do post more frequent less detailed news on our Discord, and there you can meet other former players and chat with them. Once again thank you everyone for the support and we look forward to bring Wizardry Online back.